Neck & Back Pain are tougher to deal with than other types of pain because our simple everyday tasks can be pretty unbearable. On top of that, severe neck and back pain can also cause severe head and upper body pain, and in some cases, it can cause muscle degeneration causing you to be weak over time, causing immobility. You will have a lot of downtime if you do not know how to deal with neck and back pain.

Neck and back pain can have debilitating effects on the quality of your life. Knowing its cause and getting treatment as fast as possible is essential. Do not prolong your painful situation for months or years. At Quick Med Chiropractic in New Jersey, we treat neck and bank pain and guide you through different options to eliminate neck and back pain.

Neck & Back Pain Treatment

The neck is a small but complicated structure. It plays various roles, including holding your head up and maintaining overall mobility in your body. Your back, on the other hand, ensures that your body is well-aligned to perform all the daily tasks.

Neck and back discomfort can be caused by everyday tasks, including:

  • A bad sleeping posture
  • Whiplash from a car accident
  • Joint problems
  • Performing repetitive tasks that can cause stress on your back and neck
  • Straining or pulling your muscles

When your neck begins to spasm, it can pull your spine and cause misalignment along the area. These issues can affect other parts of your body since your nervous system stems from your neck and spine.

Many people with neck and back problems try and manage the pain themselves without seeing any professional help. However, in most cases, the pain may not go away on its own; if it does, it always comes back maybe worse than before.

Taking pain medication might reduce the symptoms, but leaving the main problem untreated may cause severe damage to your body in the future. Sometimes, you will be faced with no choice other than surgery. However, mild and non-invasive chiropractic adjustments are much preferable to surgery.

What To Do If You Have Chronic Neck And Back Pain

Here are some tips to help you deal with neck and back pain before you get relief from our chiropractors:

  • Move your neck and back within your pain limits
  • Do not overuse painkillers and anti-inflammatories
  • Do not sleep in your stomach
  • Use your laptops and tablets at eye level and use a mouse and keyboard
  • Use a headset if you are always on your phone
  • Avoid using heat even when you feel temporarily better. Heat increases inflammation meaning more pain in the long run

QuickMed Chiropractic in New Jersey for Neck and Back Pain

Neck & Back Pain can be very uncomfortable and hard to deal with. The pain takes a toll on our daily lives, and we cannot perform optimally. You may try to treat the problem with over-the-counter painkillers, which may help in the short term, and others may also try massage therapy, but it may not help. If what is ailing your neck and back is deep-rooted in the muscle, you may need to get a chiropractic exam because the problem could be rooted in the spine.

At QuickMed Chiropractic in New Jersey, we are ready to help you with a personalized plan to help get rid of your neck and back pain. We will target the actual cause of your pain, whether bob-related, structural or spine-related. Our professionals will locate the problem and develop a care plan for you as soon as possible. Contact us today to begin your journey to a pain-free life!