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It is essential to deal with any discomfort or injury promptly so that the issue does not progress or cause more damage to your body. Here we will help you understand and differentiate between disc herniation and bulging disc. Chiropractic care will give you immediate relief and offer possible long-term relief even after the treatment has ended.

What Is a Disc Herniation?

An acute injury on the spin causes a herniated injury. Its pain comes abruptly and often affects only one nerve root. In some cases, you may know the cause of the disc herniation; in other cases, a patient may wake up one day and notice pain in their back.

What Is a Bulging Disc?

Our discs deteriorate and bulge downwards as we age. A bulging disc is often caused by age-related degeneration and is often progressive hence the gradual onset of symptoms such as pain in the legs, buttocks, back and legs. In some patients, it can affect a patient’s ability to walk.

Disc Injury Treatment at Quick Med Chiropractic in New Jersey

The back contains a series of discs between each vertebra in the spine, making the movement in the spine possible. The cushion-like discs absorb the shock when you carry heavy items or bend over. They keep the bones on your spine from grinding on each other.

Here are the different types of injuries that can happen on these discs:

  • Extrusion: Occurs when the gel in the disc balloons and spills over to the surrounding areas, and in other cases, it detaches from the disc completely.
  • Herniated disk: the gel material from the disc pushes through the rapturing disc.
  • Protruding disc: the disc gel becomes asymmetrical and pushes out of the vertebrae.

Signs and Symptoms You May Have Disc Injury

All the mentioned injuries cause significant back pain and numbness and cause a range of motion limitation due to the irritation of the nerve roots at the injury site and the influence on the surrounding tissues.

Here is a list of a range of uncomfortable symptoms you may experience during a disc injury. Please note they are not limited to these:

  • Headache and neck stiffness
  • Chronic back pain
  • Weakness in the feet and legs
  • Pain, numbness and tingling in the feet and legs
  • Inability to control your bowels or bladder

Quick Med Chiropractic Care for Disc Injury in New Jersey

Our chiropractic treatment at Quick Med Chiropractic in New Jersey will help provide quick pain relief and long-term injury recovery. Our disk injury treatment involves physical examination and assessment to determine the extent of the injury. We will also carefully examine your medical history before drawing up a treatment plan.

We take a gentle and holistic approach to treatment at Quick Med Chiropractic in New Jersey. We aim to relieve your pain as soon as possible without exposing you to long-term side effects or damage to your body. If you are dealing with pain from a disk injury, book an appointment with us today to get rid of your pain.